Security window decals

Security Decals and Security Yard Signs


Security Decals are screen printed and are available in six stock shapes.


Material: Security Decals are supplied with permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive on your choice of white vinyl, clear polyester or white reflective material. Clear decals are supplied with face adhesive only. A white flood background is included on all clear face adhesive Security Decals.


Popular Uses:
Used to label doors and windows, security decals accomplish two tasks:
1) They act as a deterrent to "would be" thieves.
2) They advertise the security company to all who see them.


Security window decal
Security Window Decals

Security window decal stop sign shape
Stop Sign Shape

Security window decal badge shape
Badge Shape Decal

Van Shape Magnet
Circle Window Decal

Pizza Shape Magnet
Square Window Decal

T Shirt Magnet
Badge Window Decal

Eyeglasses Promo Magnet
Diamond Window Decal




Security Yard Signs are screen printed and suitable for outdoor usage. This durable material resists cracking, peeling and chipping, even in cold weather climates! Signs are designed to be attached to 36" long aluminum stakes (sold separately) with double-sided foam tape. The easy installation requires no screws or tools.


Material: Security Yard Signs are made of a durable .055" white polyethylene with or without white reflective overlaminate.


Popular Uses:
Security Signs are made with a Polyethylene base material that is .055" thick. It is made for outdoor use and will not crack, yellow or chip in harsh winter environments. Polyethylene is one of the most widely recycled plastics in the world. The material is commonly found with plastic milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles. It is extremely durable and when combined with screen printing makes a terrific outdoor sign.

Security Yard Sign
Security Yard Sign

Security Yard Sign
Security Stop Lawn Sign

Security Yard Sign
Security Badge Lawn Sign

Circle Security Yard Sign
Security Circle Lawn Sign

Square Security Yard Sign
Security Square Lawn Sign

Badge Shape Security Yard Sign
Security Bagde Lawn Sign

Diamond Security Yard Sign
Security Diamond Lawn Sign




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