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EDDM Every Door Direct Mail
EDDM Step 1

If you already have a Customer Registration ID (CRID), move on to Step 2. Otherwise, you'll need to create a USPS® business account to get a CRID. If you need help with this process, download this walk-through from the USPS website.


Create an Account @ USPS >>

EDDM Step 2

The USPS online tool helps you choose mailing routes by neighborhood, ZIP Code™, city, or a target a radius area around your business.


It even identifies the number of active households and businesses in your chosen areas to estimate postage. Next, you will be prompted to generate and print out the appropriate documentation and facing slips to take with your mailing to the Post Office™. If you need assistance with the tool, you can download the EDDM Web Tool User Guide that will walk you through the process.

Watch the videos to see how the EDDM Web Tool Works >>

EDDM Step 3

You can contact Us (Apple House Press) to help you create and print your mailpieces. Be sure to check the approved specs for Every Door Direct Mail, including allowed sizes and address formats and approved EDDM Retail Indicia.

Apple House Press have standard formats which fit the

EDDM Guidelines:

4.5" x 12"EDDM postcard printing

6.5" x 9"

8.5" x 11"

8.5" x 7"

9" x 12"

EDDM Step 4

Simply bring your bundles with facing slips attached and postage statement (Form 3587) to your local Post Office — right through the front door and to the counter. There you can pay by cash, debit card, or check.


Locate a Post Office


Download the EDDM Retail Facts Sheet

Watch the EDDM videos created by USPS to learn more about how an EDDM Mailing can benefit your business.

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Reach every customer in your neighborhood without having the addresses.

With Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM™), your business can:


Use the USPS online tool to target areas you want to receive with your mailing — choose routes by neighborhood, ZIP Code™, or city.

Get your mailing to every mailbox along the chosen routes — delivered by our Letter Carriers with the day's mail.

The Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail

Mailing cost as low as 14.5¢ each

No Postage Permit Required for EDDM (Evert Door Direct Mail)

When mailing a postcard through the post office traditionally you need a permit which can cost as much as $450 just to open your account.


There is no annual fee for EDDM Retail. (5,000 Postcards or less)


No Mailing Lists are needed for Every Door Direct Mail.

The post office is promoting what is called a simplified address so no mailing list is needed. No Extra addressing fees. You simply have to have the words "Postal Customer" and the post office will deliver your piece to the carrier routes that you request.

The Standard Large size cards give you a better response

No need to go through the challenge of finding and understanding how to work with a business mail entry unit. EDDM Retail can be mailed from any post office and you can pay for postage with cash, check or debit card. You can have your printing already prepared and shipped to you and dropped off directly at the post office. This way, you get the lowest postage rate, and you know that your direct mail is being delivered quickly and efficiently.

You save the cost of purchasing a mailing list and you save the annual cost of a postage permit. By eliminating these two expenses, you save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your mailing campaign. And with a 66% savings in postage compared to a first class stamp and mail becomes a most powerhouse marketing tool.

Apple House Press can design and print high quality postcards for your EDDM mailing, our standard sizes that meet EDDM restrictions are:

4.5" x 12"EDDM postcard printing

6.5" x 9"

8.5" x 11"

8.5" x 7"

9" x 12"

NOTE: For all EDDM products, you are responsible for setup and delivery to USPS for EDDM processing. Apple House Press will use our standard bulk packaging to process your order. No additional or specific handling is available through Apple House Press. USPS requirements for EDDM include choosing the area for mailing from the USPS system, bundling the postcards in packs of 50 and labeling each bundle for the preselected route. Apple House Press will not be responsible for these requirements.For more information on how EDDM works, please visit

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Instructional Videos about EDDM